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  • Will these arrows work with my QAD drop away rest?
    Yes Kill'n Stix™ will work on all types of arrow rests whether your shooting competition or hunting
  • Will theses arrows fit in my quiver?
    Kill'n Stix™ are compatible with most quivers, Micro Ventilator shafts are thinner and as such may require a different diameter arrow holder installed in your current quiver
  • How do I determine my correct arrow length?
    It takes two people to do this properly. Draw your bow back to your anchor point. Have a helper mark the shaft where it comes in contact with the front of the riser. Measure the length of shaft from the end of the nock to the spot marked. This distance is your standard arrow length. We recommend you cut one shaft and install the front end hardware of your choice to make sure it is the correct length before cutting the other shafts.
  • What do I do if I want to cut Kill’n Stix™ carbon arrows?
    Always use a high-speed cut-off tool (above 5,000 rpm) with an abrasive wheel when cutting carbon shafts. Using tube cutters or hand saws will damage the material fibers. WEAR A MASK WHILE CUTTING. You do not want the dust from cutting our arrows in your
  • What is meant by 'arrow spine'?
    Spine is measured by the amount of flex in the arrow when an 880-gram (1.94 lbs.) weight is suspended from the center of the arrow.
  • Why is the spine of an arrow important?
    Spine is very important when it comes to tuning, shooting and grouping your arrows. If you do not have the correct arrow spine for your bow set up, you are going to get erratic arrow flight and poor shooting groups. Having the proper arrow spine is key to optimizing the grouping of your arrows and for the best possible accuracy. Use The Kill’n Stix Selector or reference the Shaft Selection Chart in the back of the Kill’n Stix Arrow Guide to make sure you are shooting the correct arrow spine for your set-up.
  • What does GPI mean?
    GPI means grains per inch, or the weight of the arrow per inch. To find the total weight of an arrow, multiply the GPI (9.2)by the length of the arrow (28”) 9.2 x 28 = 257.6 grains
  • What are the bowhunting benefits of small-diameter arrows?
    Small-diameter arrows provide significant increases in penetration and less wind drift than conventional-diameter carbon arrows, due to its innovative micro-diameter and reduced surface area. The thicker shaft wall design was needed to deliver the correct bow hunting spine sizes, but more importantly, thick-wall design provides increased durability and enhanced kinetic energy for better downrange penetrating power.
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