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Become a KS dealer and join a team of people who are dedicated bow hunters that want to bring you the best service and the best carbon arrows.


Kill’n Stix are premium carbon fiber arrows, they are not sold in any big box stores.  Pro shops ONLY.  You will never see us dropping discount codes on our social media pages.


We support our dealers and we want to see you succeed.


Make your shot count with Kill’n Stix “Premium carbon fiber arrows.”

Calvin Buckler - President                               Jason Acorn - Vice President

Success can be attributed to 2 ideals, purpose and intent.


Our arrows are aptly named for that.

Concerning outdoors person that isn’t hunting just to hunt but to succeed. Such is our company,


We are not into just supplying a premium carbon arrow but to see it through from our hands to yours the dealer and then onto the customer.


We attribute our success to the old fashioned mind set - say  everything we mean and mean everything we say.   


Kill'n Stix ……. Where the blood trail begins.


-NO minimum buy in and no minimum order quantities.

-You will never see Kill’n Stix sold in big box stores. We sell premium carbon arrows and we want premium arrow dealers with knowledgeable staff.

Click on the link below and become a dealer.

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