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Kill'n Stix ™  Original Series

Kill'n Stix ™ Original Series

Introducing KILL’N STIX™ -  premium carbon fiber arrows.  The KILL'N STIX™ ORIGINAL SERIES shafts stay true to what the majority of archers are shooting in the field.  More animals have been taken with the hard hitting diameters of these shafts.  Kill'n Stix are affordable, with pin point accuracy.  They fit most arrow rests and quivers in use today.

They come in 32" lengths, with a straightness of 0.003", and inside diameter of 0.2445".  KILL'N STIX™ are sold in bundles of 6.  Fletched arrows come with 2" Bohning vanes and standard Bohning nocks.

Note:  14 grain aluminum inserts are included.


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